Connect with other writers

Audience: Writers who would like to contribute to the Fabric documentation.

This topic gives you general advice on how to contribute to one of the many language translations provided by Fabric.

In this topic, we’re going to cover:

Getting started

Before you make a documentation change, you might like to connect with other people working on the Fabric documentation. Use any or all of the following mechanisms to connect with others.


Hyperledger Fabric uses Discord for interactive discussions on a variety of project topics. Reach out to us on the fabric-documentation channel to discuss documentation topics including contributions, questions, feedback, and translation.

Documentation workgroup call

A great place to meet people working on documentation is the monthly Documentation workgroup call. The agenda is published in advance, and there are minutes and recordings of each session. Find out more on the Documentation wiki.

Join a language translation workgroup

Each of the international languages has a welcoming workgroup that you are encouraged to join. View the list of international workgroups. See what your favorite workgroup is doing, and get connected with them. Each workgroup has a list of members and their contact information.

Other ways to connect

Hyperledger Fabric has many other collaboration mechanisms such as mailing list and contributor meetings. Find out about these and more here.

Good luck getting started and thanks for your contribution.