Developing Applications

This topic covers how to develop a client application and smart contract to solve a business problem using Hyperledger Fabric. In a real world Commercial Paper scenario, involving multiple organizations, you’ll learn about all the concepts and tasks required to accomplish this goal. We assume that the blockchain network is already available.

The topic is designed for multiple audiences:

  • Solution and application architect
  • Client application developer
  • Smart contract developer
  • Business professional

You can choose to read the topic in order, or you can select individual sections as appropriate. Individual topic sections are marked according to reader relevance, so whether you’re looking for business or technical information it’ll be clear when a topic is for you.

The topic follows a typical software development lifecycle. It starts with business requirements, and then covers all the major technical activities required to develop an application and smart contract to meet these requirements.

If you’d prefer, you can try out the commercial paper scenario immediately, following an abbreviated explanation, by running the commercial paper tutorial. You can return to this topic when you need fuller explanations of the concepts introduced in the tutorial.