What’s new in v1.2

A quick rundown of the new features and documentation in the v1.2 release of Hyperledger Fabric:

New major features

  • Private Data Collections: A way to keep certain data/transactions confidential among a subset of channel members. We also have an architecture document on this topic which can be found here.
  • Service Discovery: Discover network services dynamically, including orderers, peers, chaincode, and endorsement policies, to simplify client applications.
  • Access control: How to configure which client identities can interact with peer functions on a per channel basis.
  • Pluggable endorsement and validation: Utilize pluggable endorsement and validation logic per chaincode.

New tutorials

New conceptual documentation

  • Fabric network as a concept: A look at the structure of the various pieces of a Fabric network and how they interact.
  • Private data: See above.

Other new documentation

Release notes

For more information, including FAB numbers for the issues and code reviews that made up these changes (in addition to other hygiene/performance/bug fixes we did not explicitly document), check out the: