This section outlines the key design features woven into Hyperledger Fabric that fulfill its promise of a comprehensive, yet customizable, enterprise blockchain solution:

  • Assets - Asset definitions enable the exchange of almost anything with monetary value over the network, from whole foods to antique cars to currency futures.
  • Chaincode - Chaincode execution is partitioned from transaction ordering, limiting the required levels of trust and verification across node types, and optimizing network scalability and performance.
  • Ledger Features - The immutable, shared ledger encodes the entire transaction history for each channel, and includes SQL-like query capability for efficient auditing and dispute resolution.
  • Privacy through Channels - Channels enable multi-lateral transactions with the high degrees of privacy and confidentiality required by competing businesses and regulated industries that exchange assets on a common network.
  • Security & Membership Services - Permissioned membership provides a trusted blockchain network, where participants know that all transactions can be detected and traced by authorized regulators and auditors.
  • Consensus - Fabric’s unique approach to consensus enables the flexibility and scalability needed for the enterprise.